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Gemma Kelly doing an animal flow pose

Animal Flow

Location: Boxgrove

Ground based bodyweight movement for strength, mobility, coordination, balance and mindfulness.  I saw an interview once where someone described Animal Flow as if yoga and capoeira had a baby.  This is not an official Animal Flow quote, but describes, in my opinion, Animal Flow fairly accurately.  I am not somebody who has ever got on with Yoga.  I am also not somebody who finds it easy to unwind or switch off.  For me, however Animal Flow is my downtime - the time when my brain is so all-consumed in the moment that it allows all other thoughts to stop.  Practising it has been hugely beneficial not only to my physical but also my mental health.

Saturdays 8.00 am (45 minutes - Max 6 people)

What a wonderful start to the day...

Animal Flow - Prices

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